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Many agents are quick to share your information with everyone on social media sites, like Facebook. And that can lead to problems for you.

They post pictures of your home, your children and in some instances your vehicle. And did you know anything on social media can and may be used against you in a court of law. Lawyers absolutely love social media sites because it helps greatly in establishing where and when something took place. Including the sale of your home and your move. These sites do a lot of the legwork that a private investigator would normally have to do.
Remember that even if your sales representative says they removed a posting after it appeared, the post might have still been caught in a screenshot or sent in an email notification. There are no guaranteed take-backs on the internet, so always think about your privacy. I do. I donít need that kind of advertising, and will keep your personal life private. I am happy to keep it all in your best interest instead of my own.

You would never catch a posting from your doctor saying ďWhoot! Whoot!Ē, another successful surgery!!

Trust my experience, donít be a number!
I will take the time to blur out family pictures so your personal life is not plastered all over the internet for anyone to view. And that includes license plates and childrenís names.

I see it all too often, and it really surprises me. I will put your privacy first.

Trust my experience, donít be a number!
The sale price of your home is to remain private until the lawyers have closed the deal and the land title office has it registered.

Sometimes, you sign papers you donít even realize stating that agents can advertise the price of your old home and/or the price you paid for your new home, and the addresses as long as they want to in order to get new clients.

I will never need to do that to you. As an experienced sales representative, I will put your personal privacy ahead of unnecessary advertising for myself. You are my main concern.

Trust my experience, donít be a number!
Buying or selling, your agent is required by law to be present at all home inspections.

Most will not be there or are unaware that this law even exists. And we must be there for the duration of the inspection, not just to open the house up and leave. Most only show up for a buyer and that is not working in your best interest as a seller. Who's there to protect you?

It is hard to go the extra mile when spread too thin with too many clients. I provide personal service tailored to each client specifically. You shouldnít have to ask for these so called extra services, they should be given freely to you. It is my fiduciary duty to you, by law, to give you the highest standard of care.

Trust my experience, donít be a number!
Even though it is legal, it can never replace actual face to face contact whenever possible.

It is becoming more normal to see legal documents e-signed, however it is much easier to ask and answer questions when sitting together. Buyers and sellers may not even be aware of what they are e-signing until after they have bought or sold. Then it could be too late.

Donít let laziness replace getting together to discuss the biggest investment you own.
It may be a convenience in certain circumstances, but it should never be your agentís primary way of communicating with you.

Trust my experience, donít be a number!
I do, and I will the take time to explain why.
Even though they are standard clauses, some are not in your best interest. Many agents donít even type their own offers, and it is easy to omit or miss things when someone else is doing your work for you.

Trust my experience, donít be a number!
Did you know...
how dangerous it is to have your personal information posted on social media sites?
Did you know...
how dangerous it is to have your personal pictures posted on the MLS system for anyone to see?
Did you know...
the sale price of your home is to remain private?
Did you know...
that realtors are supposed to be present during all home inspections?
Did you know...
e-signing a document is legal now?
Did you know...
not all clauses in an offer will be in your best interest?

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